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Reality television disgusts me. I mean, it's almost never remotely… - Sarah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 25th, 2008|08:57 pm]
Reality television disgusts me. I mean, it's almost never remotely close to reality, but just the whole idea. My roommate is watching this show in which they hook the contestant up to a lie detector and ask them numerous personal questions that will, more often than not, destroy their marriage, personal life, family, etc. If the contestant chooses not to answer the question, they leave with the amount of money they've already won for telling the truth. If their answer comes up as false, they don't get any money. Anyway, this woman was asked first if she'd leave her husband for her ex, if she felt her ex was the one she should have married, blah blah blah. Her family was there, telling her not to answer, but she kept playing and playing, admitting that she'd stolen from work, cheated on her husband, thought she should be with her ex, you name it. When finally asked if she thought she was a good person, she replied that, yes, she thought she was. This came up as a lie and she went home with no money at all.

Now, I'm not sure which is more disturbing - if this is real, or if it isn't. If it's real, this woman has just destroyed her marriage, disgusted her family, revealed to her employers that she's stolen from them and exposed herself as a royal bitch. If it isn't true, and it's just an act put on for people's entertainment...shouldn't we be even MORE worried? Is this what's supposed to entertain us? Is this honestly the low we've sunk to? How in the world did society get to the point in which we sit around our television sets and watch people tear apart their personal lives for our own entertainment? It's absolutely disgusting, and I am honestly ashamed to be a part of this generation.

She's now watching that Flavour of Love show. What is THAT? That is a weirdass motherfucker with clocks on his neck setting out to find "love" in a house full of easy women. Great, that's perfect. If it wasn't enough to destroy your marriage for a shot at a large sum of money, now we've cheapened love and turned it into some ridiculous reality bullshit. Thanks for that.

This is just unbelievable to me. There are television shows that I think are just beautiful. I am in love with Spaced - the writing and the characters are just wonderful and I feel a closeness to the characters that I've never had with any other television show. Shows like that, like Fawlty Towers, like Arrested Development - they're all absolutely wonderful and they make me so happy, but all of them were shortlived because apparently, rather than watch something substantial with relatable characters and memorable moments, we want to watch stupid, staged situations in which the entire focus is the downward spiral of society's morals and priorities.

What the FUCK.

You know what the kicker is? The entire reality television phenomenon is rooted in that same downfall of priorities: what does it cost to have some idiots make asses of themselves? Next to nothing. Rather than put the time and resources into creating something worth watching, we just grab a couple of cameras and watch the disasters happen. Once again, we have lust for money triumphing over substance and quality. AWESOME.

I am both appalled and disgusted.

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